BachReach is Bach Aria Soloists’ uniquely interactive, dynamic educational outreach for schools and members of the community. Our program places the world-class musicians of BAS in urban, and suburban schools and community venues introducing Bach, Baroque and contemporary music in a fun, exciting, highly informative presentation tailored to the student/teacher audience, FREE to the schools, thanks to our generous underwriters.

Each BachReach is utterly original, incorporating unique themes that provide meaningful context to music that the audience has never before experienced. BAS invites our excellent arts partners to the schools in order to demonstrate the multi-genre, imaginative programming that BAS presents to inspire youths and interact, inviting them to dance, act, clap, ask questions, see and hear masterpieces brought to new, exciting life.

Artistic Director-Violinist Elizabeth Suh Lane has been in demand as an orchestral and chamber music clinician for the top orchestra programs in the city for nearly two decades. As an integral part of BachReach, her clinics are also provided FREE to schools!

BachReach will serve well over 2200 students in 2017-2018 with thirteen BachReach educational events throughout the metropolitan area, and expanding to Springfield, MO, partnering with three public schools.

Funding for BachReach is made possible in part by:

BachReach Programs

An introduction to live chamber music of all genres: Bach, Baroque, fiddle music and much more!

Featuring the classic children’s picture book Ferdinand the Bull by Munro Leaf, set to Ferdinand the Bull, for Speaker and Volin by Alan Ridout. This program teaches students about the metaphorical themes within the music and the story. We have a lively discussion with the students regarding the many historical and social elements after the performance.

The marriage of Shakespeare’s text to the evocative music of Bach, Vivaldi, Dowland, Monteverdi and Handel. This BachReach session unites BAS with the veteran actors from the highly acclaimed Heart of America Shakespeare Festival and the giants of music and literature.

Three of Kansas City’s finest musicians form a magnificent Tango Trio for this special performance. This BachReach session introduces students to the sizzling music and rhythm of Piazzolla‘s Tangos and Milongas.

The musicians teach the basic elements of the rhythm to the students so they can accompany the trio in various Milongas. The trio enlighten the students about the culture of these important Latin dances and Argentinian composer Piazzolla.

A multi-genre partnership with music and modern dance.

Students are introduced to Vivaldi‘s famous masterpiece Winter from The Four Seasons.

In this Spanish-themed BachReach, Students will take a wondrous journey through Iberia discovering intriguing dances and folk songs by Gaspar Sanz, Jose Martin, Manuel de Falla, Domenico Scarlatti and more.

Elizabeth Suh Lane is in great demand in the top orchestral programs in the Kansas City metropolitan area. She has been conducting orchestra, chamber music clinics and master classes for over 15 years. Her tremendous experience with the London Symphony Orchestra, the Chamber Orchestra of Europe and the Bach Aria Soloists inspires her coaching of high school students and teachers who are preparing for District and State festivals, to bring them to the next level.