Opus 22

Opus 22 is the organ recently installed at Village Presbyterian Church and built by Richards, Fowkes & Co., Ooltewah, TN.

The church recognized that the previous organ was failing and in 2010 started researching options. The scope of the final project includes a completely new ceiling and a redesigned chancel area to enhance the worship and performance of the spoken word and music. The generous financial support of the congregation made this possible, showing the breadth and depth of their commitment in this endeavor. The 59-stop organ is the company’s biggest instrument to date. Everything is monumental—a choir division with 17 stops, two 32’ stops in the pedal, and more 8’ and color stops than they have ever done.

The organ was played for the first time in worship on Sunday, Nov. 20, 2016, when roughly 5% of the pipes were working. The voicing and tuning process of the 3,800 pipes is now complete.

Hear Opus 22 at Opus 22: An Organ Celebration, February 10, 2018.