A Winter’s Tale in Words and Song

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The JCCC Carlsen Center presents this special collaboration between Bach Aria Soloists and the Heart of America Shakespeare Festival.

8 p.m., Friday, Dec. 7
The Polsky Theatre, Johnson County Community College
Tickets: $25

Michael Mermagen  Guest Cellist

This exceptional partnership combines scenes from Shakespeare’s greatest plays with music composed by Bach, Mozart, Vivaldi, Cecilia McDowall, and more!

Some of Kansas City’s favorite classically trained actors with script-in-hand, directed by Heart of America Shakespeare Festival’s Sidonie Garrett, will bring Shakespeare’s scenes to vivid life, crafting a winter-time story that will touch your heart and tickle your funny bone!

Music Program: Mozart’s Laudate Dominum; Vivaldi’s Winter Concerto for Violin; Bach’s Sonata No. 1 for Viola da Gamba; Cecilia McDowall’s First Rehearse from Shakespeare Songs, Monteverdi Pur ti Miro, Wexford and Coventry carols, and more.

Guest Musician: Michael Mermagen, Cello

Heart of America Shakespeare Festival Actors:

Jan Rogge

Matthew Rapport

Jake Walker

Justin Barron

Amy O’Connor

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MacKenzie ReedA Winter’s Tale in Words and Song