Héctor Del Curto Wins Grammy

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Guest artist at the upcoming Night of Tango concert wins Grammy for Best Latin Jazz Album.

Bandoneónist Héctor Del Curto, who will appear with Bach Aria Soloists April 21 in Night of Tango, won a Grammy for Best Latin Jazz Album at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards on Jan. 28.

The Pablo Ziegler Trio, consisting of Pablo Ziegler, piano, Claudio Ragazzi, guitar, and Del Curto, won for their album Jazz Tango. Released in June 2017, the album was an Editor’s Pick at Latin Jazz Network. A review in Jazz Weekly said the album displayed “lots of thought mixed with heart.”

Photo (L-R): Héctor Del Curto, Pablo Ziegler, Claudio Ragazzi

MacKenzie ReedHéctor Del Curto Wins Grammy