Meet Opus 22

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Versatile and powerful, designed for congregational singing and organ repertoire from every era.

It is not often that we profile an instrument as we would a  musician, but Opus 22 is no ordinary instrument!

Since its dedication at Village Presbyterian Church in August 2017, Opus 22 has thrilled congregants and concert attendees alike with its range and power. Bach Aria Soloists will showcase this magnificent instrument in Opus 22: The Organ and BAS, Saturday, Feb. 10, at Village Presbyterian Church.

By any standard, Opus 22 is a massive instrument – 3,800 pipes, 59 stops, a choir division with 17 stops, two 32-foot stops in the pedal, and numerous 8-foot and color stops. It is also versatile, not only designed for congregational singing but for literature from every era, solo organ, choral and orchestral.

“It can whisper the gentlest of melodies, and roar in triumph – and everything in between! We are continually amazed by its range and look forward to many seasons of delightful music,” says Bach Aria Soloists’ Elisa Williams Bickers, who is Village Presbyterian’s principal organist.

Opus 22 is the culmination of more than eight years of work that started with a church committee wondering what to do about its existing, problematic organ.

“Elisa has shared the formidable construction process of Opus 22 the past few years as we planned the program with its Bach Aria Soloists’ debut,” said Elizabeth Suh Lane, Artistic Director-Founder-violinist. “Since its installation, Opus 22 is one of the region’s most stellar organs, and we are so excited to showcase its beauty in chamber music with BAS.”

MacKenzie ReedMeet Opus 22