Shining and Soaring

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For the upcoming Opus 22 concert, BAS’ soprano Sarah Tannehill Anderson will shine on a joyous Bach Cantata and two geliebte arias from George Frideric Händel.
She will sing Ch’io mai vi possa (That I will ever be able to stop loving you) from the 1728 opera Siroe rè di Persia, and Care selve (Beloved forests) from the 1736 opera Atalanta.
“These arias are certainly at the top of the list of favorites for lovers of Handel opera,” says Sarah, “They’re gorgeous, and a dream to sing.”

Forgotten, then Rediscovered

It is ironic that while Händel was a contemporary of Bach’s, his work was more popular, yet many of his compositions lay forgotten until the 20th century. Siroe was rediscovered and performed in 1925. Atalanta was composed for a royal wedding in 1736 and was not performed again until 1970!
“The funny thing is – most people have never heard of the operas from which they came, and if you have heard of them, you’ve definitely never seen them. They’re long, with many acts, many da capo style arias, and not interesting enough plots to sustain modern audiences. I doubt Handel meant to do this, but his arias, extracted from their long arduous operas, are absolute perfection standing on their own.”
“They have turned into the “pop” songs of the 18th century!”
MacKenzie ReedShining and Soaring