Night of Tango Recap: “Brilliant,” “World Class”

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Bach Aria Soloists’ Night of Tango concerts continue to be “for the ages.”

Nearly 600 people attended the April 21 concert featuring Elizabeth Suh Lane and Beau Bledsoe of Bach Aria Soloists and Kansas City bassist Jeff Harshbarger, with special guests Héctor del Curto on bandoneón and Gustavo Casenave on piano.

Some of the comments we received:

  • Unique, high-energy, beautiful music performed by world class-caliber musicians!
  • Every piece was performed brilliantly! This was one of my favorite BAS concerts to date.
  • Both the selection of music and performance were exceptional.
  • It was just an outstanding display of Tango music. It is very fortunate to hear the bandoneón played in KC.

Charles Porter’s photographs below capture the evening’s magic (click images to enlarge).

The evening’s ensemble (L-R): Gustavo Casenave, Jeff Harshbarger, Elizabeth Suh Lane, Héctor Del Curto, Beau Bledsoe


Héctor Del Curto


Gustavo Casenave


Elizabeth Suh Lane, Jeff Harshbarger, Héctor Del Curto


Elizabeth Suh Lane and Beau Bledsoe

MacKenzie ReedNight of Tango Recap: “Brilliant,” “World Class”